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The rifts were created as a result of tectonic plates movements and their subduction as a result of earth’s crust being pulled apart from lithosphere. In many cases they are shaped as a high steps. This region is highly volcanically active, especially in the Virunga Mountains and Ruwenzori Range. Here we also find 6000 meters high Kilimanjaro.

Tectonic activity shaped this part of Africa in entirely different way as the rest of the African continent. The living conditions are diverse and had a strong influence on broad variety of people, animal and plant life here. It is no wonder that this valley is called »The Valley of Life«.

Here early humans or hominids for the first time walked the earth. The oldest known remains of human ancestors were found in the Olduvai Gorge in North East part of Tanzania and on Ethiopian Highlands (Hominids, Australopithecus)

PURPOSE of this expedition is to fly the small aircraft over the Valley of Life and make a photo documentary about the flight with intention to present this geographic jewel to the general public. Nowadays in times of in-depth analyses on all fields imaginable we sometimes forget to take a global view that can show us realistic picture of our acts and deeds as a community in the world.
A trip with light aircraft »Following the footsteps of our ancestors« is pursuing exactly this goal. It plans to reveal the global picture of the cradle of human existence. To search answers on questions: Why the human development started right there and not in the middle of the Europe? What human race needs to survive?
The view from the air, above everyday problems, where the structure starts to disappear, can explain many things, unexplainable and mysterious to those walking on the face of the earth.

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